Welcome to the website of eco village Mokri Potok

Mokri Potok

  • Who are we?

    We are a group of families with a goal of creating a sustainable eco village with permaculture principles focusing on self sufficiency in harmony with others and nature.
  • Our vision

    Our main vision is to create an eco village, which positively fits into local and global environment. As an example we show the utmost self-sufficient way of life with a low carbon footprint, tradition cherishing and (if necessary) introducing new sustainable technologies.
  • Mission

    For the construction of eco village on the principles of natural building and working together, it is important to regularly educate eco villagers, exchange views and knowledge from other eco village's as well as domestic local knowledge (including local communities).

  • Donations

    Because the project is vast, we will be thankfull for any donations, which will go for creating the ecovillage. Donate

Trajnostni razvoj zadovoljuje potrebe sedanjega človeškega rodu, ne da bi ogrozili možnosti prihodnjih rodov, da zadovoljijo svoje potrebe.
– G.H. Brundtland –