Organic living

Ecovillages around the world are examples of sustainable living. Three pillars, which mutually support each other, are the basis of sustainable development. Ti stebri so ekologija, ekonomija in socialni vidik. These pillars are ecology, economy and social aspects. It is common for eco villages to include a fourth pillar, that is culture or indirectly spirituality.   

Sustainable development meets the needs of the present human race, without compromising the ability for future generations to meet their own needs. – G.H. Brundtland –

The aim is to achieve a balance of all the elements. Any imbalance in favor of one area causes damage to another area. So for today’s society it is typicall to emphasize the economic point of view, at the expense of ecology, social relations and culture or spirit. Consequently, this imbalance may also cause damage to local economy. Because of destroyed nature and weary people there is no longer any support to the economy.

A good example of a balanced operation of all pillars of sustainable development is to support the local economy, which has due to reduced transports less impact on the environment and lower transport costs. On the other hand, the functioning of the local environment encourages the social aspect, due to which the local communities are more cohesive.