Our vision

In the context of eco village Mokri Potok and Sadni Hrib the next activities are planned:

  • tourism (center for visitors, accomodations)
  • farming
  • fruit growing
  • beekeeping
  • crafts
  • education, organization of seminars, courses, workshops, diferent camps for young people
  • services (work at home)
  • natural building (school of natural house building)
  • development of renewable energy technologies

Distinguishing architecture features of Gottschee region

Main material for buildings in lower areas was stone and brick, while in the upper lands buildings were build from stone and wood. The roofs were steep (45°). Thatched roofing was later replaced by wood (shingles) or clay (plain, tiles). In the upper lands the houses were mainly built with basement, often into the hill so you could enter a basement from the lower point and enter appartment in the upper floor.

Beside the house they used to build barns, hayracks, granary, pigsty and well, in some cases also beehives.


Architecture of a new settlement

Individualhouses will be built in accordance to traditional house building in Kočevska region. Materials that were once used are now returning as an alternative to classic house building material especcially with their user-friendliness, energy saving qualities and easy recycling.

Houses will be built in traditional way but modernized with larger south facing windows and greenhouse. However, the aim of architecture is to achieve coexistence of old and new with the use of natural materials such as wood, stone, clay, lime, straw and other natural insulation (especially flax, hemp).