Village history

Mokri Potok or Unterwetzenbach / Spodnji Vecenbah is a deserted Gottscheer village. The name Mokri Potok literally means wet stream. In 1498 Mokri Potok was mentioned for the first time in land register office in Kočevska Reka when it counted three hubs (a land big enough to support one family). Together with Sadni Hrib (Oberwetzenbach) which is only a few hunderd meters away, they were quite settled and the land around both villages was cultivated.


In the land register from 1574 the village had four half farms and one complete farm, which was the property of a major. Near the stream which comes from the direction of Sadni Hrib (right tributary of Mokri Potok, without a name) stood a mill. Before WWII the village had 18 houses. After the war there were only 8 houses still useful and they had 26 persons under the roof. The village wasn’t destroyed during the war, but the original inhabitants were expelled. The last villagers left Mokri Potok in 1965.


In the valley at the crossroad, which led to Borovec and Kočevska Reka, there stood a chapel. It was bulit in June 1930, before that the villagers probably used the chapel on Sadni Hrib, which is mentioned in a military report from the third quarter of the 18th century. The chappel was probably demolished in 19th century.

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