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Mokri Potok

About Mokri Potok


We are a group of families and individuals with the aim of creating an ecovillage based on sustainable and permaculture principles, with an emphasis on self-sufficiency in harmony with our fellow human beings and nature.


The vision of Mokri Potok is sustainable living, local self-sufficiency and care for all generations, while working in partnership with the local community and other similar ecological groups to make the greatest possible contribution to improving living conditions for all living beings.


We strive for sustainable living that will leave the valley of Mokri Potok and the wider surroundings better than we received it for generations to come. This means increased biodiversity, clean water and rich fertile soil for our posterity without the burden of toxic substances.


It is based on the principle of family or ancestral holdings, while the common land is managed by the Mokri Potok cooperative.


We apply the principles of permaculture and regenerative farming.

Natural building

The buildings in the village are built with natural materials. We have used wood, hemp, reeds and local clay for the buildings.

School of natural building

Interested in building with natural materials?
In 2024, we are planning to hold workshops in Mokri Potok, where you will be able to learn everything about natural building, both theoretically and practically.

Sustainable development meets the needs of the present human generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
– G.H. Brundtland –